Examination and prohibition of motor vehicles (PG9)


Forensic collision investigators need a knowledge and understanding of the components which make up a motor vehicle, how they work and what happens when they fail. 

This module apply to vehicles under 7500kg MAM. Air brakes are not included in this module.

A one week PG9 top-up will be available for students who sat this module as part of the CertHe and require prohbitions powers. 

What you will study

With full regard to the student's own, and vehicular safety, to examine a vehicle, and using a good sequence of routine;

  • correctly identify components and their associated connections,
  • correctly describe the function of components and correctly,
  • remove those components to facilitate closer inspection where necessary.
  • in the context of the collision describe whether any fault or failure was a contributory factor.
  • download Bosch CDR Data (technicians) 

In regard to the law;

  • be conversant with the relevant Acts and Regulations.
  • You will study your powers to test and inspect vehicles and trailers including deferred testing, what offences you can prohibit for and your prohibition powers.
  • You will learn how to complete the required paperwork including powers to vary and remove prohibitions.


The module is residential in 2 two week blocks with a pre-read. The pre-read will need to be completed and short test passed before student can enter the workshop.

There is some practical work beween the modules.


This module is assessed. Your tutor will mark the module and provide you with feedback.

What is the qualification

IMI Award application currently ongoing.

How to register

Start date pending

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The course at a glance

Code: ENGS100018
Credits: 15
Level: 4
Duration: 6 weeks
Type: Blended
Assessment: Written and practical

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AiTS have been training collision investigators in the UK and overseas since 1996. We are also the UK's main provider of Roads Policing, Prohibitions and Tachograph training in the UK and Ireland.

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