List of collision investigation courses by level

This is is a list of the collision investigation modules that form the degree. On this page they are listed by academic level.

Some of the modules can study as standalone "courses". But please note that if you choose you study in this way you will not be registered as a student of De Montfort University.

To get the most from any module we assume you will be suitably prepared for study at the level you select. The modules are planned on the assumption that you will study progressively from one study level to the next (see the levels page).  For example, if you wish to study Motorcycles Collisions and Dynamics at Level 5, to understand some of the speed from crush calculations you will need ENGS1015 - Applied Maths. Specific entry requirements for any of the modules are listed on that modules page.

Non university Short Courses

Module Title (Code)
Maths Primer (ENG10001) -- --
Excel (ENG10003) -- --
Photography (ENG10004) -- --
Bosch CDR (ENG10007) -- --
Vehicle examination and prohibitions (PG9) (ENG10008) -- --

University Programmes and Modules

UCPD in Forensic Road Collision Investigation
Collision fundamentals 1 (ENGS1003) 4 15
Collision fundamentals 2 (ENGS1004) 4 15
Collision fundamentals 3 (ENGS1006) 4 15
Collision case studies (ENGS1002) 4 15
CertHE in Forensic Road Collision Investigation
Applied maths (ENG1013) 4 15
CCTV analysis (ENGS1015) 4 15
Driver and the environment (ENGS1016) 4 15
Fundimentals of forensic vehicle examination (ENGS1017) 4 15
FdSc in Forensic Road Collision Investigation
Further maths for collision investigators (ENGS2001) 5 15
Damage analysis (ENGS2004) 5 15
Analysis of digital data (I) (ENGS2015) 5 15
Analysis of digital data (II) (ENGSNEW) 5 15
Computation and collision analysis (ENGS2002) 5 15
Motorcycle collisions and dynamics (ENGS2007) 5 15
Pedestrian and pedal cycle collisions (ENGS2003) 5 15
Vehicle dynamics and tyre technology (ENGS2016) 5 15
BSc(Hons) in Forensic Road Collision Investigation
Collision analysis and software (ENGS3001) 6 30
Professional development and project preparation (ENGS 3002) 6 30
Work based project (ENGS3003) 6 60





AiTS have been training collision investigators in the UK and overseas since 1996. We are also the UK's main provider of Roads Policing, Prohibitions and Tachograph training in the UK and Ireland.

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