Applied maths for collision investigators


Applied maths is part of De Montfort University CertHE in forensic collision investigation.

This module, which starts off the CertHE year, gives the student the the math tools they will require to complete the CertHE. The module is split into two parts starting with some revision of concepts learnt on the UCPD before introducing some new mathematical tools.

The second part of the module applies these tools to collision investigation or more precisely to mechanics problems. On the way it also introduces some new topics and provides some new ways of examining mechanics based problems.

What you will study

The first topic is a refresh using the book Maths for science followed by 8 further topics; Degrees of freedom, Equations of motion, Trigonometrical functions, Differentiation, Vectors, Force vectors, Torques, Circular motion.

Entry requirements

We assume that you hold a UCPD, City & Guilds or equivalent in forensic road collision investigation.

Pre-module study

Some of the level 4 maths involves the use of spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel. Excel is not specifically taught during this module. If you have not used Excel before we suggest you try our short course (you can complete it in a few hours) on the VLE.

Study method

The module notes are accessed via the AiTS virtual learning environment.  Tutors are available Online and there is an Online forum allowing you to discuss topics with other students on the module. 

There are a number of classroom based tutorials available during the module.  These ae provided at no extra cost.

 The assessment comprises of two home based maths tests, one at the conclusion of each block. Your tutor will mark and comment on your coursework.

What you will need

Your joining instructions list any specific requirements.  General tools include a scientific calculator.  We recommend any Casio with a 'Natural Display'.  A computer with internet access is required for this module. You will also require head or ear phones. The module book, Maths For Science is available Online hard copy versions are currently in print and available from sellers such as Amazon.


The module runs over 12 weeks with the module notes being accessed via the AiTS virtual learning environment.  Live tutorial run every other week and tutors are available Online. There is an Online forum allowing you to discuss topics with other students on the module.


This module is assessed. Your tutor will mark the module and provide you with feedback.

Whats the qualification

This module is part of De Montfort university's CertHE in forensic road collision investigation.

How to register

The CertHE starts in September of each year. Apply through AiTS. If you wish to take this module without registering with the university you may do so however no university accreditation will be give. To take as a standalone check the calendar for the next presentation and contact AiTS.

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The module at a glance

Code: ENGS1013
Credits: 15
Level: 4
Duration: 12 weeks
Type: Distance learning with Online tutorials

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