Standalone modules from the degree 

It is already possible to take the CCTV module as a standalone, without registering with the university.  From September 2023 it will also be possible to take the Level 5 Pedestrian and Pedal Collisions as a standalone module.

 In each case, to ensure parity and avoid setting up a two-tier system, the content and examination is the same as the degree  module, the only difference being that you are not registered as a student of De Montfort university thus will not accrue any credits towards a DMU Award.  Whilst not a student of DMU we apply exactly the same rules over late submissions, pass marks etc. as if you were studying at university, again this ensures fairness with those undertaking the more structured academic route.

How to book a standalone module
We have a number of standalone places available each year depending on the number of students undertaking the degree programme.

  • First check your knowledge is at the right level to undertake the module and that you have sufficient time to complete your studies by checking the module content page.
  • Contact AiTS to check availability and reserve a place.

What is the qualification if I pass?
Students who pass the module will be awarded an AiTS pass certificate. There is no association with De Montfort University.

Will these modules count towards my qualification if I step back onto the degree (RPL) 
RPL can be complicated depending on what you have taken and what you are trying to achieve and it is always best to drop us an email if you are a returning student as there are limits on how many credits you can RPL.  That said, generally the answer is yes provided the module content essentially remains the same. You will be be able to RPL one and sometimes two 15 credit modules. If you passed a standalone module in the last three years we will transfer your score. Between 3 and 5 years you will be awarded a pass. RPL for individual modules is not permitted after 5 years.

What modules/part modules are currently available as standalones 

  • Photography
  • CCTV
  • Vehicle examination (includes PG9) - New for 2023
  • Pedestrian and pedal cycle collisions - New for 2023
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