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Maths for CI's and maths assessment test

For students intending to take the UCPD there is a 6 week maths course. The course is not a requirement but is a useful primer for those that have not been using maths for a few years. This course runs three times a year ending just before the start of the Part I course. There are live tutorials, usually on Mondays, which are also recorded for those that cant make the live class. Students do not need to contact AiTS however they will need to register on the VLE (see the maths course pages). At the end of the course students can log onto the maths assessment.

Either at the end of the maths course or independently of it, students can sit the maths assessment test. This a 30 question test taken over 1 hour. The questions are automatically taken from a much larger bank and the test is created on the fly. The test can only be taken once, cannot be paused and at the end the student can generate a certificate giving their grade. Students will still need to register on the VLE if they have previously completed the maths course.

Please note that because this is a free course and the employer is not paying, we are not able to provide feedback to the employer as to whether a student has enrolled, how much work they have done or how they got on on the quiz unless you submit a consent form.

UCPD Part I and Distance

The Part I course runs three times per year. As a rough guide starting in February, May and September. The Part I course is four weeks long. The distance learning UCPD starts in January. There are an equal number of assessments. Check the assessment page for what the assessments are and what happens if your student fails an assessment. Assessment and scheme rules

UCPD Stats

The 6 week distance learning stats course starts towards the end of May of each year. Students who have successfully passed a Part I course will automatically be enrolled on the next statistics course. Like the Maths course there are live tutorials each week (recorded for those that cannot make it).


There are two 2 week Part II courses at the end of August and early September which sit just before the final exam. These courses are intensive as we recover the syllabus and work on exam technique before taking a series of mocks.

Two reconstruction reports

Students will need to complete two reconstruction reports and submit them for assessment by the date of the final exam. Practically most people bring them down when they attend their Part II course. Reconstruction reports must be submitted with a cover sheet which can be downloaded here.

Please note that the Harvard referenceing system must be used within the reports. De Montfort produce a pdf booklet which can be downloaded here.

The plan that used to be submitted during the Part I course or during the distance learners summer school is now submitted with the two reconstruction reports. Scene measuring and recording is still covered during the course but as most plans are now drawn electronically it seemed sensible to allow students to create their plans using their own software.

The practical submissions sheet allows you to identify whether one of your reports contains the plan or to identify it as a seperate submission.

Final exam

The final exam is held at DMU at the end of September. The paper is three hours long. If a student fails there is an opportunity to resit the following February/March.


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